How Amazon Seller Start ?

The Ultimate Guide – How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners ?

The Guide to Selling on Amazon Business will give you the high-level information you need to understand whether Amazon Business is a good fit for your organization.

1. Research Amazon and identify product opportunities and add them into the research spreadsheet
2. Test the viability of these products
3. Verify the profitability of these products
4. Pick out the top 3 best product opportunities from your research
5. Find reliable suppliers for these top 3 products
6. Choose ONE products (& market) to move ahead with
7. Create your brand, logo and packaging
8. Order a product sample
9. If the product sample passes quality checks, make your first main inventory order
10. Create a simple website for your product and brand (including an email opt-in offer)
11. Create your marketing material
12. Set up your Amazon account and product listing
13. Optimize your product listing
14. Launch your product!
15. Use Facebook to build an email list of buyers who you’ll promote your product to
16. Get instant sales with Amazon Sponsored Ads
17. Do other promotional activities to increase the size of your email list
18. Do other promotional activities to build traffic, brand awareness and make more products sales
19. Create more products for the brand, including books, mobile apps and more
20. Keep replicating the process, build more brands & products and take over the world!

What you need to learn before you begin ?

  • What Amazon Business is and how it’s different from
  • The benefits and opportunities Amazon Business offers sellers
  • Who buys and sells on Amazon Business
  • The requirements and costs of selling on Amazon Business
  • How to start selling on Amazon Business

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