How FBA Sellers are Scaling their Business in 2018

amazdoctor-com-How FBA Sellers are Scaling their Business in 2018

Scale your business this year and start making some serious profit as an FBA seller.

Offer More Products

How many items are you selling? If it’s only a handful, you’re going to need to offer more for your customers if you want to scale. We always recommend that new sellers only focus on a few items in a particular subcategory, but once you get the hang of FBA, there’s no reason you shouldn’t stock up.
Think about the subcategory that you hold and look for complimentary products that will fit your niche. This way, you won’t have to adjust your position much, but you can open up new revenue opportunities.

Add Child ASINs

What if you aren’t ready to offer completely new products? Launching new products can take time, and if you’re still a smaller FBA seller, you might not have the time luxury to gather new reviews. No problem, simply add more variety to the products you already offer.
With Child ASINs for your products, you can cross-sell, bulk offers together, sell different sizes and more. This type of variety can do wonders to drive sales and bring in more revenue for your store.

Build a Website

Are you only relying on Amazon’s platform to sell products? One problem with only using Amazon is that you don’t own Amazon. You can’t gain access to valuable customer information, and you can’t create targeted campaigns to reach them. Many of the more prominent FBA businesses have a separate website they use to promote products and take orders.
Another valuable benefit of having your own website is that you can collect email addresses. With this email list, you can send targeted email campaigns and promotions. Don’t overlook the power of owning an email list, because if you ever decide to sell your business one day, an extensive email list will bring in more value.

Improve Your Marketing for the Long Run

Many new FBA sellers make the mistake of focusing their SEO, paid advertising, and other marketing efforts on short-term sales. This works for a few months, but if you want to make it in the long run and scale your FBA business, your marketing efforts should reflect this focus.
Focus on creating a long-term marketing strategy with a strategy you can use for years to come. A/B split test different ads, think about the customers you’d like to attract now, and the ones you want to attract next year. Overall, take a long-term focus to your marketing, and you should have an easier time scaling your FBA business.

Sell Private Label Products

I’ve talked extensively about private label products in the past, but I can’t recommend this tip enough. By having products manufactured with your specific brand name you can separate yourself from the competition and make huge long-term gains as an FBA seller.
The biggest and best benefit of offering private label goods is this: nobody else can sell your product. That means you’ll always win the Buy Box, which is a huge advantage if you want to become the next FBA millionaire.

Now, it’s not easy creating a line of private label goods, and finding the best manufacturers to work with can be a challenge. With that being said, once you have a reputable line of private label goods, scaling your FBA business becomes easy. Especially if your customers come to know your goods and brand by name, taking over the marketplace is almost automatic. Thanks to Jamie Davidson.

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